Queen Rhapsody by Natalia Posnova

One of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen commanded world stages astounding huge audiences with incredible music, eloquent lyrics and fantastic live performances. Legendary Queen anthems and ballads have stood the test of time to become staples in the modern vocabulary of rock, and classics in their own right.

Now, Russian beauty and virtuoso concert pianist, Natalia Posnova, vividly interprets the notorious opus of Queen in her own “Queen Rhapsody”, a breathtaking orchestral production featuring exquisite classical grand-style piano arrangements of the renowned hits that rocked the planet.

The only concert pianist in the world permissioned to compose original classical interpretations of Queen’s music and to have the blessing of legendary Queen guitarist, Brian May, Natalia Posnova conjures up a magical potion of enchanting adaptations translating the power of rock into glorious classical expression of epic proportion.

Reinventing the illustrious world of Queen, this crossover morphs rock ‘n’ roll energy with classical timelessness mixing Mercury & May with Bach & Rachmaninov.

Natalia Posnova’s Queen Rhapsody … dynamite with a laser beam and guaranteed to blow your mind!

Natalia Posnova

Natalia Posnova, the magnificent concert pianist, composer and arranger transforms notorious rock pieces into virtuoso piano compositions for concert halls whispering with sophisticated music connoisseurs. The potent combination of her special affinity for the music of Rachmaninoff, the influences of her mother’s love of classical music and her father’s obsession with rock ‘n’ roll has crescendoed into Natalia’s unique ability to create transcendent interpretations of both classical and contemporary music, making her the exceptional classical crossover artist.

After hearing Natalia’s classical adaptation of “Flash”, Brian May was prompted to tell the world:

“I just discovered Natalia Posnova. She is an amazing pianist and interpreter of songs. And I do not use this term lightly…. I have seriously, in all these years never seen or heard anything like this. To see this amount of beauty, talent, innovation and pure bravura in one shot is astounding. You all have to see her …enjoy …and marvel!!” – Brian May

Peter Freestone

Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury’s personal assistant and confidant, handled the day-to-day for the flamboyant Queen singer and was at his bedside when Freddie died in 1991.

Peter has co-authored two books about his life and adventures while traveling the world on tour with Queen, sharing personal photos and offstage experiences to provide a profound insight to the legend known as Freddie Mercury.

Peter is especially pleased to be a part of the Natalia Posnova Queen Rhapsody, bringing the music of Queen to classical concert halls in a way its never been heard before.

“I’m very much looking forward to it, it’s going to be so much fun!” – Peter Freestone

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Additional information

This brand new production features stunning classical presentations of the iconic music of Queen. Together with Bernd Wefelmeyer of the Babelsberg Film Orchestra, Natalia Posnova has penned breathtaking orchestral arrangements highlighting grand-style piano masterpieces bringing classical touches to a repertoire of iconic hits including “Who Wants to Live Forever”, “The Show Must Go On”, “Save Me”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are the Champions” and many more.

Against a gorgeous backdrop of marvelous video and glorious light, a guest vocalist from the worlds of opera, rock and musical performs selected pieces to evoke the memory of flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury. A seasoning of rock elements add flavoring spices to elicit the ultimate crossover experience.

Representing the family of Queen, Peter Freestone joins Natalia on stage making a rare appearance to the delight of Queen fans around the world.

Natalia Posnova Queen Rhapsody…. ringing the bells inside our minds to create a new kind of magic!

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